In 2017, Ria Meera Munshi wrote a poem based on unity and love for an outdoor commissioned project called “Peace by Peace”, which can be viewed here. Ria professionally recorded the poem as a voiceover and this narration of the piece influenced the movement, structure and choreography for the overall innovative production.

Following this, in 2020 Ria was involved in a pre-R&D structure as a co-writer with Louise Wallwein MBE for a fresh children’s theatre production called “Sue & Sita.” The plan is for Ria and Louise to write the script together which will then be executed as a full play in 2021 and more information on this project can be found here.

“I have enjoyed developing several projects with Ria. She is a great artist to collaborate with, who brings a great deal of skill, knowledge and talent to the mix. She makes a really fun space to be creative in. During lockdown we managed to adapt our practice to develop a new play using Zoom. Ria’s energy is just as powerful in a zoom room as it is in a rehearsal room. I look forward to seeing where our wild ideas take us too.” – Louise Wallwein MBE, award-winning poet, playwright and performer